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Auto Chip Keys

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You didn't see it coming, but all of a sudden you find yourself with a broken or missing auto chip key. In such situations, you can always rely on our locksmith services. We service keys and locks of all kinds of cars, regardless of the type, design, model, age and manufacturer. Read on and learn about what we can do for you if you are having any kinds of problems with your car keys.Auto Chip Keys in California

Auto Chip Key Programming & Repair

Like regular keys, your car keys can bent, rust, and overall wear over time and use. It can happen if you're using too much force when trying to turn the key, or when it's stuck inside the lock or ignition. We are experts in fixing even the most specific and advanced transponder, laser and VAT keys, so no matter what type of key you have, we can fix it.

In case of a broken car key that cannot be repaired, you can be rest assured that our locksmith is fully equipped to cut a new key for you on the very spot. It will also be programmed and tested in order to make sure everything is in perfectly working order.

In case the key broke inside the ignition, you should act quickly as this is a very delicate situation. Count on us to extract it professionally without causing any damage to the ignition. In order to cover all the possible options we also offer ignition and lock repair services, so you can be rest assured your ignition, locks and of course keys will be in perfect shape after the service.

If you lost your car key and now locked out of your car,give us a call and we will take care of it all before you know it! Aside from making you a new key and unlocking your door, you can also count on us to rekey the car ignition as well. This is done to prevent the use of the missing key for opening and starting the vehicle. With us by your side, you can always expect the best results.

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