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Here you can find excellent, short answers to all key and lock associated questions. If you are wondering how to deal with damaged locks, lost keys and which dead bolts to choose, here you will find the best answers and solutions.

Do you by any chance have questions about locks and security systems? The best answers to FAQ

  • Can using a broken lock damage the door?

    It can depend greatly on the design of lock and door in the situation. That said, for the most part, almost all types of locks can be opened, repaired or replaced without any further damage being caused to surrounding surfaces.

  • How do door splinters affect the locks?

    First of all gaps in the door or frame can render the locks superfluous since the security of the property is already compromised. However, there is also the problem of vibrations as you open and close the door which can dislodge lock parts.

  • Should I install a surveillance camera?

    It's best to take as many security measures as possible because these systems discourage burglars and give you a good idea about what's happening in the perimeter of your house. Cameras are not expensive today and you can have full control over the security of your house in combination with good security door locks.

  • How to avoid a lockout?

    A good way to avoid a lockout is by hiding a spare key around the outside of your house. This is risky as other people might find out about the hiding place and could easily get the spare key so this must be exercised with extreme caution. A common recommendation is to place the key in a container and burying it under an object like a rock in your yard where the likelihood of it being accidentally found is less.

  • Q: Why is it important to secure new keys for a new home?

    A: According to the experts, it all boils down to security. It is an essential need for a property to enhance security measures. This would mean securing new keys, most especially if you are moving to a new home where a previous user might have created a duplicated a key for your door locks.

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